The ‘dis’ of disablement

The dis of disablement
Disfavour was the first discouragement.
I was a disheartening disappointment:
the discord of dysfunction,
greeted with disapproving disconnection.
Then disbelief dispatched distant disassociation.
Some disengaged with disapprobation.
Others disciplined dissidence to dispose disaffection,
disrobing disobedience, disseminating disinfectant.
And I, the discrepancy. Disillusioned, dispirited, disparaged
disembodied and discredited by this disadvantage.
But, distort not the able order of perfection,
normality needs firm protection.

Then there was the disagreement;
Or distasteful disconcertment.
Disguised dishonestly with disinterested discretion
And distinguished by scientific disaggregation.
They dismounted dissatisfaction at the disorder
With initial disinclination to disseminate disaster.
Disallowed disparity had caused such disarray:
the world disorientated on how to dissect what was on display:
Or disentangle each package before the distributing,
disqualifying the dishevelled or the disenchanting.
But, dismantle not the order of perfection
normality needs firm protection.

With disdain on discovering the dismal disability,
faced with my distinct dispensability
due to the disrupting disease
this dissimilarity distractingly displeased.
So followed discussions to discern my discarding
and discreet discrimination disregarding
any discomfort at the dispensing
of disfigurement. Disenfranchising
disablement. Dislodging the disgusting,
discharging and dispelling any discourse of distrusting
in our able ordered order of perfect perfection,
normality needs protection.
Normal normality needs protection.

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