Remember Who I AM

I am not the becoming bashful bride,
delicate, demure, doting by your side.

I am not the beautiful bounteous prize,
teasing with coy fluttering sapphire eyes.

I do not glide oiled elegance,
dance doll decadence.

I have no soft milk mothering,
pale flowered pink colouring.

I cannot blend backwardly behind.
silent, still, sensual, so refined.

I will not be one of your parts,
residing only in the prison of your heart.

Big enough to take up too much space.
Loud enough to debase deface disgrace (in your face).
Proud enough to throw my weight.
Bold enough to debate, frustrate, irritate.


Just as I AM.

Do as I AM.

Have what I AM.

Be what I AM.

It is because I AM, I can love you as you are.
Support you, stand with you, link arms from near or far.
Comrade. Companion. Confidante, crony, chum.
It’s so exciting, so inspiring. It’s only just begun.

Poetry by iRate
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