My Confession

I am unique.
Born to do a great thing.
Raised so carefully,
shielded from suffering.

My mind is not corrupted
by the rubbish on tv.
My body not polluted,
I do yoga; eat organically.

And even though I am too polite to say it, still its true:
Deep down, I know that I am better than you.

Of course, I consume,
but am conscious & creative.
Yes I wear labels,
but they are vintage and ironic.

I am individual,
but dont dress differently.
Yet my style sets me apart;
I make sure I look like people like me.

I sell my labour for a wage,
but I have my vocation.
Some were made to clean and scrub,
but my time is precious because of education.

Extra thin, extra beautiful,
I wear heels but I am not a slut.
After-work I care for my family,
and of bad fat mothers, I like to tut.

Inequality hurts and pains me.
I care for but am not one of the mass.
And although I know it’s vulgar to say it:
Professional, perfect, pretentious, pragmatic,
I plead guilty to being middle class.

Poetry by iRate
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