Hey Ms. Feminist

Hey Ms. Feminist,
why are you so misguided?
Not all men are sexist,
can’t you see you are blinded?

I know that some mistreat you,
harassment at work, home, in the street.
But I just want to say you are beautiful,
that you are cute and sweet.

Yes, in the past you were chained to the kitchen,
objectified in to a sex slave.
But now its just you like that
It’s your body you choose to shave.

Before you were disciplined,
controlled and contained.
But now motherhood is power
Its just scientific fact, that you must be tamed.

Marriage WAS an awful terrible tradition.
Your name erased, history left to fetter.
But now you can choose this harmless celebration,
and whats in a name? It’s just mine sounds a little better…

Once you were talked down to,
lectured and scolded.
Only I have read more,
so, by me, you must be moulded

I do admit to being a bit naughty,
walking carelessly over you like dirt.
But it is really not my fault,
I am just troubled, injured and hurt,

Hey Ms feminist
there are important things
Can’t you see?
It’s all about class
and by that I mean … me.

Poetry by iRate
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