Imagine a community,
Facing a fight
fuelled by the light
of those so great
that they tried to change
white to right.

Imagine a people,
segregated by race.
Freed by the light
of those so great
but cruel poverty
keeps them
in their place.

Where the church
does not teach
but must preach
to the dying.

Can you hear the sound of seventy smiles?

Parents lies in death tolls
see before by none.
Bodies and sadness are littered in piles,
symbols of the sentence the children
must bear
and carry
with bent backs
bony shoulders
stomachs filled with air.

Who is this enemy?
So silently strong.
So worryingly wrong.
We do nothing.

Now imagine this is happening in Europe.

But that’s impossible, isn’t it?

But that’s impossible
so we don’t give a shit.

Poetry by iRate
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